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Frequently asked Questions

1).How do I access my account?.
2).How do I apply for bed space?
3). How do I upload my passport photograph?

Portal News

We wish to congratulate all admitted undergraduates. You will observe that the accommodation exercise into Halls of Residence (HORs)has commenced.
We should inform you that all newly addmitted studentsb are assigned into Halls of Residence. They will be members of these Halls throughout the period of the studentship in the University. But they are still required to BALLOT FOR SPACES.
Invariably, even though you are assigned a Hall, you may not necessarily be a Resident of that Hall. You can legitimately participate in the Hall's activities as a Non- Resident, so long as you a students of the University of Lagos.

For technical support, complaints and dispute resolution, kindly send an email to admin@unilaghalls.com